Operations Support

Bookkeeping Support

Yeiter & Company provides bookkeeping support for clients who do their own bookkeeping using Quickbooks software. We improve their ability to do their books by providing them with the Customized Tax Bookkeeping For Real Estate Entrepreneurs bookkeeping enhancement package.
For those who want on-going assistance, we offer a packaged support services program as follows:

On-Going Bookkeeping Support
On-Going Tax Consulting
Quarterly Bookkeeping Check-Up
Quarterly Tax Planning
Tax Return Preparation

Tax Return Preparation

Tax returns for Real Estate Entrepreneurs run the gambit from personal returns -- to business returns -- to gift tax returns -- to trust returns -- to the final return we all prepare one day, the estate tax return. Our professionals complete all of these returns and state tax returns for real estate entrepreneurs spread across America.


Income and Estate Tax Laws necessitate careful and cautious preparation especially for owners of real property. We spend many hours each year helping clients understand their options and make appropriate decisions based on their unique facts and circumstances.

Entity Analysis

This is a planning service that encompasses four key areas: Estate Taxes, Income Taxes, Asset Protection, and Business Administration. We review the entities our client is currently using in view of their concerns, goals, abilities, and business activities, so as to recommend the most suitable customized strategy and business structure.

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